ICUHS Global Learning Programs

7月16日~31日までの2週間、ハワイのプナホウ高校で行われた"Student Global Leadership Institute 2017"に3人の生徒が参加しました。ハワイの青い海と広い空の下、9か国23校の生徒たちとともに学びました。

The 2 weeks at SGLI was something that impacted me largely. 2 weeks seems so short and I thought just 2 weeks wouldn't change much in me.
The 2 weeks in SGLI was different. Meeting new people is always changing especially when you and others have so different backgrounds.
However, through the classroom works, free time and dorm life, we all bonded so much than I expected in 2 weeks. All the classroom works were something that we all had to put effort in it and give your own clear opinions. Sharing your thoughts and knowing others thoughts definitely enriched my mind. Spending time with peers from all over the world in dorms made me think and know about so much more than just in class. In class, we discussed about this year's theme "peace" but in the dorms(outside the school), we shared a lot about ourselves, our countries, our schools, what we think about our country's politics, what we think about American politics etc... My roommates and I would stay up at night and would share so much that I usually don't discuss about.

Our journey of SGLI continues although we came back from Hawaii, the continuing journey is to think more about the things we discussed at Hawaii and finally be peace makers.


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