ICU High School Song(コーラスVer.)

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ICU High School Song(オルガンVer.)

ICU High School Song(オーケストラ&コーラスVer.)

ICU High School Song(オーケストラVer.)

ICU High School Song

作詞:奈良橋 陽子
作曲:タケカワ ユキヒデ
補作:野村 威温

ICU High School Song 楽譜

I can sing with all my heart
Of all the dreams I can search for
Of all the love that is God sent
Of all horizons I will explore
Praise be to you
I will pledge to walk
The road of light and learning
With God in me to guide me every day
See me through the narrow
Send me on my way
For tomorrows that I long for
By how I live today

*Praise be to you
Honor to you
ICU High School

I can see a bright new dawn
A future which lies in our hands
A future we will shape and form
A future to make better for man
Praise be to you
I will pledge to strive
To work for understanding
No matter what the race or creed may be
The spirit of all men
Our souls be all the same
We can work for peace abiding
Unite our hearts to sing


© copyright 1982 by Jenika Music Co., Ltd. & ICU High School